Machine Tool Laser calibration Based in Arbroath, Scotland

  (Giddings + Lewis 800, 8000a+b)  (Siemens 840d) controls


Machine Tool Maintenance Ltd offers structured

maintenance to customers by carrying out regular

scheduled performance checks using a Renishaw

laser system.



With constant use of your machine tool, the

positioning accuracy will deteriorate.

This will in turn impact on the quality of your

product and the ability to meet ISO standards.

Linear and Rotary accuracy

Straightness and flatness of ways.

Angular displacement (Pitch and Yaw) of axis.

Flatness of table top


        Laser calibration should be carried out after any

       major alignment work is done to the machine.

       This also includes new ballscrews, axis feedback

       changes or adjustments.

        Any errors in accuracy of an axis can be

       determined and compensated for in the control.

      All results are shown in easy to understand graphs.

      A printout of the results, before and after

      compensation, is provided. This shows the

      improvement in the accuracy of the axis.


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