Machine Tool Maintenance

Giddings and Lewis, Service, Repair, Calibration

Machine Tool Maintenance Ltd. has over 40 years of experience working on GIDDINGS and LEWIS  machine tools.

MTM offer a range of services aimed at keeping your machines producing quality components.

These services include:

LASER CALIBRATION   The last thing you want is your machine producing out of tolerance components. Laser calibration of your machine tool will find any positioning errors.These errors can then be compensated for in the axis measuring system. Machine tool maintenance can calibrate Giddings and Lewis 8000, siemens 840d and Heidenhain it530 controls.

PLANNED MAINTENANCE    Maintaining your machine tool will help to increase the lifetime of the machine

Routine maintenance checks catch potential problems before they cause downtime.

OPERATOR TRAINING   This service is aimed at customers who have machines with a GIDDINGS and LEWIS 8000 control.